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Product Description: 

The ANN ELIZABETH is a new way to wear the surgical drain many women are sent home with following a mastectomy. The drain pocket is a custom-fit design, intended to fit the drain snugly and comfortably. A flowing, draped silhouette conceals the drain(s) and beautifully accentuates her body. The ANN ELIZABETH empowers women to unveil their self-esteem and rebuild their identity after a diagnosis with breast cancer, and recognizes the need for products that combine both fashion and function. It can also accommodate a vast range of uses that require adaptive clothing, such as upper body surgeries, breast feeding, and radiation and chemotherapy.
Product Uses:
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Soreness and limited mobility
  • Breast conserving operations
  • Radiation
  • Upper body surgeries
  • Breast feeding
Product Features:
  • Asymmetry and volume
  • Wrap closure
  • Interior stabilizers
  • Fitted drain pocket
  • Eco-conscious fabrics


Fabric + Care Instructions:

  • Bamboo Knit
  • Morocco Poplin
  • Machine wash cold
  • Tumble dry

The ANN ELIZABETH by With Grace B. Bold

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