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Product Description

Double layer 100% cotton fabric masks with clear plastic window over the mouth area for lip reading, for the deaf and hard of hearing and the American Sign Language speaking/ interpreting community.



  • This Adult Window Mask is a non-medical grade
  • Face mask with a clear window over the mouth for lip reading, ASL, deaf-friendly, and supports individuals who are hard of hearing
  • The ends of the wire are curled to prevent the wire from poking out
  • Fabric: 100% cotton.
  • A clear window is made of clear plastic vinyl
  • The wire is sewn into the top of the mask to provide a better fit snug to the top of the nose and cheeks.
  • Comes with Silicon Adjusters to support an even better fit
  • Care: Hand wash only. You can use hand soap or detergent to wash this window mask. No heat! No dryer! No iron! You can sanitize with Lysol spray first if you like
  • A portion of profits made from this Window Mask will go to COVID-19 relief efforts 


Fogging: These masks are NOT anti-fog, and they will fog up without treatment. We do not provide any anti-fog treatment because we suggest washing the mask before first use, and that would wash any anti-fog treatment off. These masks require anti-fog treatment after each wash/before each use to prevent the fogging and maintain clarity. So far our designer has found that rubbing dish soap on the inside plastic- don't rinse!- and leaving it on seems to help prevent the plastic fogging up, and is the simplest and cheapest method. There are also many anti-fog sprays and wipes on the market intended for motorcycle helmets, scuba diving masks, etc. Whatever you choose, just keep in mind you will have to be reapplied before each use and make sure to consider any allergies or sensitives you may have. 


Sizing: Please measure for the best fit! Measure from the center of one ear, over the tip of the nose, to the center of the other ear. You can also measure from the center of one ear, under the chin, to the center of the other ear. Subtract about 5 inches for straps. The number you’re left with is the width of the mask that would probably fit best.


Available Sizes:

  • Standard/Medium - about 8” wide (ear to ear), and length (nose to chin) is 5.5” long (when on face)
  • Large/xLarge - about 8.5"-9” wide (ear to ear), and length (nose to chin) is 6” (when on face)
  • Adult Small/Teen - about 7” wide (ear to ear), and length (nose to chin) is 5" (when on face)
  • Kid Size - about 6.5" wide (ear to ear), and length (nose to chin) is 4" (when on face)


The straps add another 2.5-3” width on each side of the mask and are elastic for an adjustable fit. Sizes are not exact due to the handmade nature of these masks, so will vary by a half-inch or so.


All Face Masks are non-returnable and non-refundable. Due to high demand please expect 2-3 weeks to receive your Window Mask orders.

Winter and Holiday Window Face Mask by Crafty MerMade

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