Product Description:

zipOns® alleviate the struggle of getting dressed for kids with limited mobility. They are made with a soft, moisture-wicking fabric and an elastic waist. zipOns open completely on both legs with zippers spanning waist to hem, allowing them to be taken on and off without going up through the legs as with traditional pants. The legs also widen as needed to accommodate casts, braces, and other medical equipment. zipOns can be put on and taken off easily from standing or lying down. zipOns are a stylish and functional solution for kids recovering from surgery, those seeking greater freedom and independence, or a caregiver seeking to ease the process of dressing and undressing. They offer a new level of ease and comfort to those who wear them and their caregivers. Please refer to the size chart before ordering as zipOns do not follow standard sizing. The Sizing Chart is located in the product photos, it's the last photo.


Additional Features:

  • 100% polyester
  • Machine wash cold. Line dry for best results
  • Proudly made in the USA.

zipOns® Original Line Adaptive Athletic Pants by befree