"It was for the love of our daughter!" Says Suzannah Parker, President of Purple Cat Hearing Aid Charms (PCHAC). Suzannah became aware of her daughter's hearing loss shortly after her birth. In January of 2016, after years of appointments and tests, it was time for her daughter to be fitted with hearing aids. Suzannah admits initially she was fearful of how her daughter may be looked at and teased by others. Suzannah began to brainstorm ways to make her daughter's hearing aids a fun experience. 
Suzannah's daughter always loved her earrings, so she thought of getting her ears pierced. However, Suzannah felt getting her daughter's ears pierced at such a young age wasn't the right thing for her. So she went back to the drawing board and racked her brain some more. One morning the idea came to Suzannah, she would fashion a way to hang earrings safely from the tubing of her daughter's hearing aids and "tada!"


Suzannah's daughter loved them and so did the people in her audiologist office! Her daughter was so proud to show them off, even to strangers. Suzannah made a pair for another little girl her daughter's age and she also loved them! Suzannah wanted to help other kids be proud to wear their hearing aids and cochlear implants. 

Suzannah started Purple Cat Hearing Aid Charms and she absolutely loves making her Hearing Aid Charms, Cochlear
Cuties and Rockin' Retainers.