Slick Chicks

Slick Chicks was started with the mission to empower women. After the millionth time using a restroom stall as a changing room, Helya Mohammadian, Founder and Chief Innovator Chick, knew it was time to change underwear for the better. Once Helya realized that she wasn't the only one suffering from underwear mishaps she knew she was on to something. 


Everday women face challenges in their lives that can hinder their confidence and productivity. Slick Chicks believe that your underwear should not be one of them. You'd be surprised how strongly the basics impact your everyday life. For women with physical constraints that make changing clothes difficult, they can regain their dignity by being able to change easily on their own. Slick Chick's mission is to empower women and give them the confidence they need to tackle any of life's daily challenges.