Tonomy Shop

Many years ago, when founder Zahra Peal was growing up, her mother, a geriatric nurse, asked her to spend time visiting patients in the senior’s care home where she worked. Their poor quality of life left a lasting impression on her. At the time, she didn’t realise how influential this experience would be.


Fast forward twenty-five years: Her parents, who had started their family late in life were now aged 80, and needed extra help moving around and getting things done. Despite the time that had passed, she was surprised to see how little products had evolved to make life easier, and more fun for the elderly. Zahra, now a trained product designer, wanted to apply her skills to help her parents, and improve the quality of life of older seniors at large.


And so Tonomy Shop was born.


Because Zahra understands how good it makes us feel to surround ourselves with things we enjoy, Tonomy Shop’s well-designed products are created with function, comfort and style in mind. She believes that aids for daily living can look and feel great with a bit of forward thinking. Zahra is also practical at heart and loves the idea of useful gifts. Making products that bring a little enjoyment and pride to daily activities is a way to honour the dignity of older adults and those with special needs.


Seniors, adults and teens with disabilities - anyone suffering from an illness - Tonomy Shop has got your back.


Tonomy products are thoughtfully designed and made in Canada.