Cecilia Leal-Covey, Founder of WheelCovers4U, began crocheting Mandalas and Fractal Shapes as a method to meditate and she ended loving them! One day, she thought to attach one Mandala to her wheelchair but she was a little hesitant thinking on safety challenges, for example, the yarn getting in her way to push the chair or to do simple tasks. In addition, Cecilia thought people could think that she has a "chip on my shoulder". Well, she would not know until she tried, right?

Well, one day, Cecilia crocheted a Mandala in a hoop and showed it to a large group of crocheters on Facebook. The post got thousands of likes and several comments where people indicated her having a great idea attaching the Mandala to her wheels. The Mandala was larger than her wheel, it was not attached, but she guessed it looks like it was.

She promised to the members that she was going to show some of the Mandalas she made for her chair in another post.


A few days later Cecilia posted some pictures showing her Mandalas attached to her wheels... and the response was fantastic. Some even asked Cecilia for permission to use her idea; others suggested creating a website, others writing patterns, etc. That is one of the reasons she created her web to share her crocheted Mandalas or Fractals Shapes to the world. The other reason was teaching how to make them because a Mandala or Fractal Shape to be attached to a wheelchair needs close attention to mobility needs. It is not just adding a happy image to the rim. It is about making the person happy and safe. One Happy Wheel at a time!



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