5 Adaptive Fashion Fall Favorites from Kate Nelson, Adaptive Model

My name is Kate Nelson and I’m an accountant for Colorado PERA, the state pension fund. I’ve worked in this industry for 17 years but always had an additional love for all things fashion. I decided to step outside my comfort zone and audition for Denver Fashion Week just to plant the seed that more disabilities need to be represented in fashion platforms. To my surprise, I was chosen and became the first person in a wheelchair to model on the runway in the spring of 2019. I’m now an advocate for more representation in the fashion industry for those with disabilities and am thankful to have the support of my accountant colleagues along my journey.

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons but fashion is first and foremost. Patti + Ricky has me swooning over their curated collection of inclusive and adaptive “must-have” items. 2020 has presented challenging issues and any items that can bring comfort or make life go a little more smoothly are welcomed.