2021 Valentine’s Day Functional and Fashionable Gift Guide with Zappos Adaptive x Patti + Ricky

Let’s face it – 2020 was a tough year. However, if there’s one bright spot in all the craziness that has been happening as of lately it’s seeing all the special ways people have come together while staying apart, from dropping surprise treats on doorsteps to reading bedtime stories over Facetime, we’ve learned how to adapt and bring joy to those we love by connecting in ways outside of the box.

Holidays haven’t been the same since March 2020, this is true. That doesn’t mean you should let bad vibes cancel your Valentine’s Day.

By embracing the idea of a virtual Valentine’s Day, this special day that is centered around love can be just as exciting and romantic even while social distancing. With creativity and careful planning, you’ll not only open up a world of possibilities but also allow for more personalized and intimate experiences for people dating during this crazy and unique time. that’s sure to get more love than ever! Valentine’s Day is going to look different this year, but this sweet day of love is about to seriously get a lot more fun.

Zappos Adaptive and Patti + Ricky have teamed up this year to help you take this virtual Valentine’s Day over the top! Together we have you covered. From gifts for everyone, you love to the perfect showstopper head-to-toe functional and fashionable outfit that everyone will be raving about long after Valentine's day has passed. Whether you're having a date night in with your boo or even a virtual “Galentine's Day” with your besties, together we have just what you need to make this virtual day of love truly unforgettable.

Valentine’s Day Functional and Fashionable Gifts for the Gals

Casual Gifts:

1. Super Soft Robes

The ladies are guaranteed to swoon over these dreamy robes.

2. Easy Dressing Pajamas Sets

Don’t even get me started on this selection of easy-on/easy-off pajama sets, they are sure to set any heart a flutter.

3. Easy-Off Lingerie

With the help of magnets and Velcro®, easy-off adaptive lingerie will quickly spice up your night.

4. Cozy Slippers

These slippers will make her feel like she is floating on a cloud! I am sending a pair to my bestie, so she knows I am thinking of her.

5. Relaxing Essential Oil Blends

The perfect sampler pack of essential oils, that will be sure to set the mood.

Dressy Gifts:

1. Blouses with Velcro® Closures

This red polka dot blouse with Velcro® closures is sure to be a hit even after this sweet holiday has passed.

2. Functional Blazers

Dress up your look for your virtual Valentine's Day party, with one of my favorite looks, no buttons, open blazers. This is a must-have! Above, Patti + RIcky in-house Adaptive Fashion Influencer, Xian Horn is modeling a head-to-toe outfit from Zappos Adaptive. She is so chic.

3. Easy Dressing Pants

These easy-on/easy-off trousers are sophisticated, sleek and truly timeless.

4. Functional Jewelry

Fidget Jewelry

Fidgeting can be helpful for some individuals to concentrate and relieve stress and anxiety. Fidget jewelry is a beautiful way to discreetly fidget.

Emergency Alert Pendants

Gift her additional independence in style with this gorgeous Emergency Alert Pendant. She will fall for you all over again. Above, Alicia Searcy and Nina Thomas are seen rocking them and looking fabulous.

Braille Jewelry

This Braille cuff bracelet is a great accessory, the minute you put it on you can most definitely “feel the love” and so can everyone else. Functional fashion is the best!

5. Easy On-Easy/Easy-Off Boots

These stylish boots are the best of both worlds they are super stylish and ultra easy to put on...There truly is no better combination.


Valentine’s Day Functional and Fashionable Gifts for the Guys

Casual Gifts:

1. Easy Dressing Pajama Sets

You will most definitely win your guy’s heart if you gift him these easy dressing comfortable and cozy PJ’s!

2. Easy-On/Easy-Off Slippers

Want to score major points from the guy in your life? Give him these one of a kind cozy slippers.

Dressy Gifts:

1. Oxfords with Velcro® Closures

The guy in your life will love the Velcro® closures on this shirt so much, he’ll stick with you forever!

2. Easy Dressing Jeans

These jeans are a statement piece for your guys closet! These jeans are stylish and they fit just right! (Just like you and your perfect match!)

3. Easy Dressing Belts

He can easily put on or take off his belt in a snap!

4. Easy-On/Easy-Off Footwear

Any guy will adore how easy these shoes are easy-on/easy-off.

5. Manual and Motorized Wheelchair Bags

Holds everything he needs and is stylish too, definitely a win!


Valentine’s Day Adaptive and Cool Gifts for the Kids

1. Adaptive Clothing

The kiddos and you will love how cool and easy the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Collection makes getting dressed.

2. Compression Vests

The only fully breathable vest, which provides deep compression while also delivering endless creative play options. Give a hug...social distance style.

3. Chewelry

Check out these sugary-sweet looking Chewerly heart necklaces.

4. Bags for Wheelchairs, Scooters, Walkers, and Bicycles

One-of-a-kind, pie-shaped bags for your cutie pie to safely carry their treasures while highly reflective fabric helps keep kids safe on streets and sidewalks! Each PunkinPie has lots of room for their most important belongings!

5. Cochlear Cuties

These shimmery wings are a perfect accent for your little angel's cochlear headpieces.

6. Hearing Aid Charms

These super cute hearing aid charms any little Valentine is sure to love.

7. Braille Jewelry

Your kids will feel your love with personalized Braille Jewelry.

8. Easy Dressing Belts

Looking for more awesome gifts for your little sweeties? Check out these super cute and easy dressing belts with Velcro®.

9. Easy-On/Easy-Off Shoes

These kool kicks are easy-on/easy-off, trust us your kids will absolutely love the independence they feel.

10. Adaptive Art Supplies

It’s not too late to make and mail Valentine’s Day cards, these patented-designed crayons can help!

11. Sensory Calming Dough

Clear jars of pink, green, blue, and red play dough.
Super Sensory Calming Dough - $16

Colorful fun with a purpose!

12. Inclusive Children's Books